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Yes - as one of their child abuse victims and the rampant unchecked pedophilia that is still happening I can attest to her epic hypocrisy

You know, I have been planning on giving tours in downtown Clearwater. Looks like I may have to schedule one in the coming week. I can guarantee we will not see the inside of Scientology’s buildings but the information will be on the up and up.

When someone from scientology says there’s no such policy as “disconnection”, just remember it’s right in the Introduction to Scientology Ethics book that every member has read. There isn’t one scientologist ignorant of the disconnection policy. #ScientologytheAftermath

OMG! Hahahahahahahaaaaa! #BobbleRinderPhotoContest #BobbleRinder #TheAftermathFoundation #SayHelloToMyLittleFriend 🤣@MikeRinder @THESPSHOP1 @msjenn2673

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