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Don't you guys think it's time Danny "DJ Donkeypunch" Masterson was taken to task for his alleged crimes & his victims get their day in court? I don't ask for retweets much, but if you care about this please RT the tweet below. Pressure needs to be put on the LA DA office.

.@dhyanalevey Thank you for this and ALL you're doing to shine a light on what it feels like to be a kid raised in a cult! ❤️

Not "born in" but exposed to #Scientology from the age of 12 to 32, this sweet girl is finding her voice and using it. Thank you @esart. Cant even wait for the book❤️

AND we got to introduce our 2nd Gen digital portal for ALL things #GrowingUpInScientology called where we can reclaim our narrative, find our voices and be the experts on what it FEELS like to be #RaisedByScientology. #ScientologyTheAftermath #2GRevolution

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