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Thanks @TweetNathanRich & @MiamiSixthMan.
I could seriously listen to Nathan analyze his childhood and deconstruct #Scientology #bullshit ALL. DAY. LONG.
SO therapeutic. ❤️

BEST day yall with these amazing humans. HUGE thanks to @JamieDeWolf for being the inspirational rockstar he is. PS, incredible things are coming soon. #2ndGenEvolution #DontbeCulty #AirDisconnected #ScientologyTheAftermath #DeWolfPack #SPsPorVida #OriginalArtByAnthonySuorez


This so made me vomit in my mouth a little. SUPER HUGE shame on you to @OutfrontMediaUS. Businesses without a conscience really suck.
Wish they could all be like @ROABillboard or @ClearChannelSG or @LamarMedia, Those companies have a heart AND some balls.

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