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If she's not being held captive then let's see her in public. #WhereIsShelly #WhereisShellyMiscavige #ScientologyTheAftermath

Ask them @LAPDHQ maybe they are too busy speaking at Scientology events and being paid by Scientology when they are off duty.

@LeahRemini @epstandleague is a punkass chicken, blocking anyone curious about the abuses of Scientology. I truly hope Shelley appears long before LRH β€œreturns”. #RevokeScientologyExemption #WhereIsShelley ?? #ScientologyTheAftermath Merry Christmas Ms Re-mi-ni πŸ˜‰

@Blue_Suede_Shue Yeah they spend a lot of tax exempt money on ads auto appear at top of Google searches on me @LeahRemini and every person who has appeared on our show. Meanwhile their own websites of the fastest growing religion on earth get almost no visitors outside paid clickfarms.

@VikingGoddess1 @LeahRemini The entire reason Scientology has a TV channel is to combat #ScientologyTheAftermath & the millions of people that watch @LeahRemini & @MikeRinder every week. I bet you #ScientologyTheAftermath has more views in a week than Scientology gets in a year.

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