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Whenever someone is in a cult (Scientology, NFTs, etc.) their response to criticism is โ€œdo your own researchโ€ by which they mean here, drink down this delicious kool aid brand beverage

3. The only thing Tom Cruise truly cares about is Scientology. The same is true for other Scientologists.

As @MikeRinder says โ€œevery Scientologist is a fundamentalist.โ€

Everything Tom Cruise does must be viewed through the lens of Scientology because itโ€™s the lens he uses.

This is exactly right...

In fact, here are a bunch of famous Scientologists suggesting that people do their own research.

They refuse to explain because they're following L. Ron Hubbard's policy on sharing information about Scientology.

I canโ€™t say it enough, when you support Scientologists on Tom Cruiseโ€™s level you are directly keeping Scientology in business and the enabling abuse.

Tom Cruise is seen as a god within Scientology. Youโ€™re not even allowed to criticize him.

Sometimes I just think Scientology is a very, very hostile intelligence operation. What do you think?

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