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Scientology OSA procedure! “Attack loudly” mmmmm k @ChrissieBixler @Anneinma @ParisValeska @Clear2Insanity @yashar @IndieScieNews @amber_saltina

@TaTAOchos @Anneinma @CarolPatriot @realDonaldTrump @1225paris @1RagingBuddha @Clear2Insanity @ChrissieBixler @ScientologyNews @TomCruise @ThePerezHilton @POTUS @BryanSeymour1 @str8upandvert @SteveCannane @accrm2015 @timesupendabuse OMG! Did you seriously just say you could get away with committing crimes because you are a Scientologist! Fucking priceless. Not in the real world buddy but you’re right. Scientology covers up plenty of crimes. Your are delusional.

WOW! How did I not know @DontGoAwayM4d was totally onto @Joy_Villa & #Scientology? Holy shit..LOVE IT! ❤️

In speaking out against our abuser #Scientology we had to give up anonymity, privacy, risk losing jobs, friends etc in order to be heard & taken seriously.
ALL risk & no reward.
We TOOK our integrity & power back.
Seems she wants it both ways.

This is David Miscavige. Leader of the CULT Scientology. He gets away with physical, mental abuse & human trafficking. He follows the evil policies of LRH which allow covering up sexual abuse, rape and inhuman behaviour. Revoke Scientology tax exemption!!!! @realDonaldTrump

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