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First review of #ABillionYears now in @KirkusReviews. It's starred (see my blog post linked below if you, like me, don't know what this means).
"An intensely personal, cathartic memoir of blind allegiance, betrayal, and liberation."

Tku @LeahRemini & @AETV for allowing survivors (minors) the chance to speak truth to power re: dangerous extremist rhetoric from #LRonhubbard that led to felonious conduct and a culture of cover ups and endemic institutionalized abuse of minors.#ScientologyandtheAftermath ☠️❌

Dear, #Scientology. This brilliant anti-human trafficking activist expert sees right through you.
Others will too.
Finally. #ScientologyIsChildAbuse #TheSeaOrganizationIsHumanTrafficking #ChildrenofScientologyDeserveJustice #ScientologyAndTheAftermath Ben Schneider : Scientology’s leader has avoided being served with a summons on 14 occasions as part of a human trafficking case brought by three Australians. Grrrr

@DAngeloFisher @thecattery @9NewsMelb At the very least we should remove the rule that a religion automatically gets charity status because it’s presumed to be for the public benefit. The Ben Schneider’s investigation into Scientology shows why. It doesn’t happen in the UK, for example.

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