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John Allender is a militant Scientologist.

He regularly volunteers to attack whistleblowers, survivors, and anyone else who exposes the abuses of Scientology.

In the video on the right you can see him harassing a former Scientologist.

This is paid for with tax-exempt funds.

@standmonitor @yashar Because all “peaceful” religions have razor wire fences to keep people IN their secretive compounds and chase down those that do manage to escape…

1. So why has Scientology's leader David Miscavige disappeared his wife, Shelly?

The reason is simple: no one is a more significant threat to David and Scientology than Shelly.

Shelly could take David and Scientology down.

17. Shelly, the woman you see in this photo with me, is such a threat to her husband that she's being held on a remote Scientology base surrounded by security 24/7 and watched over by two handlers: Antonella Tisi and Anne Rathbun aka Anne Joasem.

20. Captain David Miscavige, I know you read my tweets.

I'm not scared of you and you can't intimidate me into silence.

No matter how painful you make things for me, I will keep fighting you.

I'm not giving up on Shelly, no matter what you do.


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