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Update: with 2 signatures (immigration protection bills) & 2 vetoes (sexual harassment & labor trafficking) late last night - we have 4 bills left today. Including #AB218 #AB500 & #AB681

Thoughts and prayers welcomed.

Child Sex Abuse Reform Update ⏰

CA: we are still waiting for Governor Newsom to sign AB 218. Call his office at (916) 445-2841 to voice your support πŸ’ͺ

FL: Senator Linda Steward pre-filed SB 170 - which eliminates the SOL for sexual battery of minors.

Please sign #AB218 as well @GavinNewsom. Taking away protections from abusers long enough for survivors (like me) to get the nerve, courage, and ability to speak up and stand up for ourselves is life-changing. Justice is one thing, getting our lives in our control is priceless.

@CAgovernor @GavinNewsom @SenatorLeyva Aren’t kids equally as important?? They are OUR FUTURE!! Please Governor sign #AB218 and help kids who are sexually abused get justice. #kids2 #CHILDUSA #CVA #CHILDVICTIMSACT #SIGNAB218

@GavinNewsom We need you. Right now. The justice system has failed many of us before, but this could be our LAST chance. Please sign #AB218. We need this.

@CHILDUSAdvocacy @CHILD_USA @Corey_Feldman @ChildrenOfScn

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