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Im with @XENUTV Its LONG past time that @MyClearwater @myclearwaterPD stop turning a blind eye to what goes on in the #Scientology buildings mere blocks away. If they arent gonna stop the abuse they should at least not give it cover to continue

This organization that enables human trafficking and child sex crimes dominates downtown Clearwater. This is just one of the reasons we need @XenuTV on Clearwater’s City council. Enough is enough.

Great question. She filed a police report AGES AGO with the @myclearwaterPD.
Maybe @SheriffPinellas @AGPamBondi @FBI @AGAshleyMoody @USAO_MDFL can help? Somebody needs to.

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#Scientology #JaneDoe3 complaint.
#ChildrenOfScientology #ScientologyIsChildAbuse #ScientologyTheAftermath @myclearwaterPD @MyClearwater #HellIsForChildrenInScientology

OMG. Actual tears reading this today.

It is HORRENDOUS but I am so SO proud of this sweet girl, #JaneDoe, for her strength, and her bravery in exposing it. For standing up to this bully and its culture of...

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