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Reminder to ANYONE that my house is a safe zone. Coffee can be on in minutes, or if you prefer tea or soda, no problem. I will always be available - even if we haven’t talked in a while. Text me, call me, message...

Cant get enough of the new deck addition Bill built for us, so yummy.
Wish Summer was just beginning but pretty sure we’ll be out here no matter what.
Lights; check.
Plants; check.
All we need now is some new deck furniture from this decade. 😆

Our contest 2 come up with new slogans 4 the Aftermath Cards is finished & ur all winners! We've used ur messages 2 create a new file: Aftermath Cards 2.0. Pls use this file 4 printing & help us distribute them far & wide. These cards can be left anywhere.

#ThisIsTrue and #IApproveThisMessage.
I mean #WhoNeedsACrosswalk. #TrafficLightsAreOnlyASuggestion right?

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