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Give it a rest #Scientology. No one believes your lies. @JeffreAugustine @MikeRinder

I got my mom back but she was never herself again after the psychosis she was in from navigating 20 years in Scientology, sacrificing everything & everyone to reach OT 7.
Please don't buy "you can do it #NextLifetime".
Time is fleeting. Beliefs aside, put love & family first.

Fuck #Scientology and their cult mentality. If you haven’t seen Leah Remini’s Scientology show on Hulu, you might want to check it out. So sad to see all of the lives this cult has destroyed. #LeahRemini keep fighting.

Help me understand why Head DA Jackie Lacey is w/Scientology sea org member & Mike Rinder’s daughter? Lacey is the decision maker on a rape case involving a serial rapist Scientologist & Scientology was very aware of his crimes & commits their own to this very day! @LADAOffice

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